How to Write a Thesis Statement (Beginner)

Today we’re going to talk about how to write a thesis statement. 

Learning how to write an essay is one of the most important skills you learn as an English student when you write a strong essay you are showing that you can not only write clearly but that you have interesting ideas and can think critically as well the most important part of an essay and where you really show off your ideas is that thesis statement a thesis statement is a one sentence explanation of your essay that states the point of your essay and tells the reader what it will be about every thesis statement is made up of two essential parts a topic and a claim the topic is pretty easy to understand it’s the topic of your essay like Billy Joel from out of the dust or maybe release if your essay is on the giver the claim is where you make your point or state your opinion about your topic let’s look at some examples if I’m writing an essay about out of the dust and I’ve chosen to write about Billy Joe’s actions throughout the book my thesis statement might be Billy Joe’s grief causes her to act selfishly the topic of this statement is Billy Joe’s grief and my claim my point or opinion about her grief is that it causes her to act selfishly. 

Or perhaps I am writing an essay about release in the giver my thesis statement might read releases cruel and is used to control the members of Jonas’s community the topic of this thesis statement is release and my claim is that it is cruel and used to control the community so how do you write your own thesis statement the easiest way to write a thesis statement is to simply take the question you have been asked and answer it for example let’s take the question why is miss Clark important in students lives the question is asking about Ms Clark so that becomes your topic. Your claim is therefore going to be about why she is important to students that’s what the prompt is seeing you to answer I know what you’re thinking right now oh my gosh there are so many reasons what will I choose she inspired students to work hard values my opinions has a sense of humor of a middle schooler wears awesome scarves and is clearly a super cool person outside of school and is basically my hero that’s a lot of reasons I get it. 

It could be overwhelming but here’s what you’re going to do choose a claim that you can talk about and analyze for at least three paragraphs while Ms Clarke scarves are pretty awesome there’s not a lot to talk about there so let’s go with inspiring students here’s our thesis statement miss Clark is important because she inspires students or if you want to kick it up a notch and break away from using the words of the prompt you can say Ms Clark inspires her students this seems like it’s going to be a fascinating essay let’s try another example let’s go with one that I know every student has strong feelings about the prompt is should homework be banned in California schools banning homework is the topic to figure out your claim your pointer argument you need to think about your own opinions on homework for this example. 

Let’s say you are not a fan of homework and believe it should indeed be banned because it is basically your teachers way of torturing you here’s your thesis homework is torture for students and should be banned so to review your topic is homework and your claim is is torture for students and should be banned there you go that’s all there is to writing a thesis statement a topic and a claim.  

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