How Will Essay Writing Be In The Future

Model introductory paragraphs, topic sentences, supporting details (facts, statistics, expert testimony), and concluding paragraphs to support state writing tests and Common Core informational and argumentative writing.

The provided Common Core essay writing service review informational and argumentative prompts and model introductory paragraphs, topic sentences, and concluding paragraphs are excellent tools to model for students how to structure their essays as they prepare for state writing prompts. These tools are great models for teachers who want to help students learn how to write strong introductory paragraph hooks using anecdotes and including a counterargument, bridge statement, and effective thesis statement. The prompts also include model skeleton essays for the pros and cons of each prompt topic and supporting detail sentences to help students analyze how the idea is introduced in the first paragraph and developed throughout the essay. The samples also include a strong supporting detail strategy such as a fact, expert testimony, or statistic to provide support for the topic sentence ideas for either position that they can take from the prompt. The conclusion paragraphs will provide students with an effective closing strategy such as a making a prediction or a call to action to help them establish relevance for their ideas. Each segment of the model essays is color coded, and included anecdotal notes so that they can be duplicated for students or projected on the screen or Promethean board so that students have a visual example of strong writing ideas.

Each prompt and model skeleton essay will include a document with supporting details and the “so what” factor for the pro or con position that students may choose from the prompt. This document will help students develop supporting detail sentences that develop the topic sentence and explain why the evidence, statistic, or expert testimony develops their position.

Introductory and Informational Materials:

Biographies on the authors
Links to background videos
-Aligns with Reading Informational Common-Core Standards
Plot Summary (for teacher)
-Chapter by chapter questions for all chapters!

Vocabulary Development: 

Vocabulary Words, Definitions, and Links to Electronic Flashcards and Games
Vocabulary and spelling quizzes

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