Modifiers and Logical Breaks

It`s very easy to misplace a modifier in such a way that the logical connection breaks and then the whole sentence falls apart because the reader gets confused and doesn’t know what what  going on doesn’t know how to follow the information so it gets a little bit confusing also it  a little bit demanding on the reader because the reader now has to carefully read the sentence make sure he or she reads piece by piece to get the whole information so if you find yourself writing a sentence that  overly long split it at least into two separate sentences something this long I would even split into three but here it is split into two different sentences notice I only added two words so after training I have a period and then I have the team that  the only thing I added I have two sentences each one with one independent clause two simple sentences all the information remains so the reason you don’t want to have a long sentence as well run-on sentences are very common.

I’ve seen lots of test takers have run-on sentences now a run-on sentence is a sentence that has at least two independent clauses but no conjunction so is where it should have been split it wasn’t so you have the thing just keeps running on one onto the other and it doesn’t make sense surprisingly it  also very easy to have a sentence fragment meaning that you you  missing a subject or you  missing a verb and therefore you don’t have a complete Clause okay so very careful when you  writing long sentences but try to have one or two of these longer sentences in your essays for a little bit higher scores now if you  aiming for a 6 or 6.5 let  say in IELTS you don’t really need to get too deep into sentences like this if you want to get the 8 you need to have at least you have to at least demonstrate that you can write some more elaborate sentences okay now what you can do is just the easiest thing to do is just add a dependent clause in here somewhere or another independent and change the sentence type but still use a lot of modifiers to make it a little bit more elaborate so let  look at the next one.

So let`s  look at let  look at a complex sentence and I’m going to do the same thing I’m going to go from basic to elaborate just all I’m doing is just adding information without adding extra clauses or changing the essential independent clause the author whose best-selling book the garden has been other New York Times bestsellers list for over 18 months has announced a release date for her upcoming memoir okay so I have a independent the author has announced the release and I have a adjective clause whose best-selling book now all I’m going to do is just add some more information and I’m going to add another dependent clause or more the author whose best-selling book the garden has been on the New York Times bestsellers list for over 18 months has announced that the release date for her upcoming memoir which many critics have already held is the must read book of the summer will be delayed until the fall so the author has announced announced what that now I’m giving you a noun clause okay as an object to announced what so object to announced inside the noun clause I have an adjective clause which many critics.

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