The Best-Kept Secrets of Weight Loss Vitamins

Recently, there are an increase percentage of overweight people around the world. Weight issues and obesity has been long considered a major issue that needs to be eliminated since people in the society die young from conditions caused by being overweight.

Losing weight is one of the reasons why a lot of us are educating ourselves with diet variations, what to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the science of a good exercise program. In addition to educating ourselves, companies are taking advantage of this information simply because there is market in it. The pop and presence of diet pills are so abundant right now you don’t know which are legitimate and effective from the shady ones. Granted that this diet pills goal is to help you lose weight but a person who desperately wants to lose weight needs to trust a particular product for them to continue. Plus, some diet pills have side effects that can mess up your body, weight and your determination to push through.

If you don’t want to trust these diet pills, might as well stick to your vitamins and supplements. Did you know that there are vitamins that can actually support you in losing weight? Now that sounds interesting especially since a person needs to consume vitamins to keep their bodies healthy but for a person to lose weight is an added bonus to this equation.

Here’s a quick list of some vitamins that is great for losing weight:

* Vitamin B3 – Vitamin B3 or niacin is a good vitamin for weight loss since it burns carbohydrates and stored fats in the body. Produce that are great sources for Niacin is but not limited to: egg, potatoes, poultry, red meat, pasta, fish, yogurt and brown rice. Women are advised to consume around 13 mg of Vitamin B3 and 17 mg for men below their 50s and less than 1 mg (12 and 16 mg respectively) for people who are 50 and up.

* Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 is mostly known because of its effects in the metabolic system of our body. The faster we digest whatever we ate, the better it is for losing weight. Riboflavin also aids in releasing energy from fats and protein. Women are advised to take 1.1 mg and men at 1.3 mg daily. You can find Vitamin B2 from cereals, vegetables (green variety), almonds, etc.

* Choline – Choline is mostly found in chicken, peanuts, liver, and cauliflower just to name a few. Choline is a soluble nutrient that is known to change stored fats into energy so the body can use it. Recommended daily dose of Choline is 425 mg for the women and 550 mg for the males.

* Vitamin C – Most abundant vitamin in the family, Vitamin C is a great antioxidant which a person needs in order to fight and eliminate toxins in our body. Vitamin C is also great for reducing risk of cancer and improves our skin to its healthy luster. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and a few more. Everybody needs to get 40mg of Vitamin C daily.

* Vitamin B5 – Like Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5s purpose is to release energy in our food so we can use it as soon as it goes inside our body. Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 is abundant in wheat, eggs, beans, poultry, etc.

* Vitamin B12 – A suggested daily dose of 1.5mcg is needed by both male and females. Vitamin B12 is mostly needed for the nerve function as well as production of red blood cells but Vitamin B12 is also a great producer of energy. Vitamin B12 can be found in cheese, milk, meat, seaweed, and a lot more.

* Fish Oil – Fish Oil is mostly important for people who exercise frequently or who sustains an active lifestyle because Fish Oil helps in maintaining steady blood flow to help your muscles form better. In addition to that, Fish Oil eliminates or lessens the hunger craving that you have through the day resulting for a person to eat less. Fish Oil is also known to work best when combined to a diet with controlled calorie intake. Not only is that but Fish Oil also known to help with memory, eye development and other more.

* Chromium – Chromium like Fish Oil also eliminate your desire to consume food, with lessen appetite it’ll be easier for you to lose weight.

Hold up, you might decide on jacking up on these vitamins and supplements as substitution for weight loss but keep in mind that this method and information will not help you to lose a substantial amount of weight. To lose weight fast and right, combine this method and information with a good and balanced meal plan together with daily exercise and you will surely slim down to your ideal body weight in no time.

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