Your Final Essay Goal

In the introduce yourself essay what they’re looking to do is to just do this test is this someone I want to sit next to and if if you got up there and sounded like a real conceited moron and you were unaware of how you were coming off you could you could damage yourself absolutely now you see one of the things this book doesn’t have is bad essays okay I’ve seen bad essays I’ve seen essays that have screwed people so believe me it happens okay this is interesting okay remember this woman I think she’s from Asia yeah yeah so this particular person is from from India yeah yeah and so we took a lot of the identifying information out of the essays too so to protect the identity of the applicants but this person talks first of all structures the essay in the way sandy had suggested and they said that is okay it’s not the only way but it’s very good to start out with the goal up front of the essay. Get help with your goal management at Edusson.

And then specifically laying out what you’re going to discuss in terms of influences and so acknowledging that yes they already have all the standard application information your test scores and and your recommenders and undergraduate transcript but what are the things outside of those that have influenced you to go on and do what you’ve done and to be the person you are today and influence your future goals and so that’s what this person does a really great job of spanning three different experiences throughout throughout her life well read the first paragraph and let me know what you think about that as a way start assessing okay so I’ll read the floor so the application at the HBS application enabled me to showcase my career path scholastic records and extracurriculars through this essay I have availed the opportunity to describe some aspects of my personality and value system that have evolved through some of my experiences I would like to focus on three particular experiences of my life and how they shape my philosophy of Management do you think that’s a good beginning at solid-solid well this is not a beginning that’s good a wig.

You’re way going to win you a Pulitzer Prize no not an exciting beginning no and it’s rather over structured and you know dull okay and my point they don’t care okay they’ll meet you halfway she just went through a rather belaboured set of sentences that said I’m going to tell you about three important experiences to me they go okay let’s hear about the expiry ANSYS and then she talks about three experiences and you go I like this person absolutely you go oh I like and that’s the way that’s the way this essay works so this is a this is a good essay to read if you want to know how someone who’s not a naturally born writer and is a very careful writer how they could organize these experiences to come off as likable also to keep in mind that’s this applicant and many others are international applicants who English is not their first language.

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